What is a Buddy?

Buddy is the student helping students. The person, who creates the very first contact with an exchange student; who offers his/her time, care, friendship. The Buddy represents the country, introduces to the culture and makes sure the foreign student feels comfortable and welcomed. Yet above it all, a buddy is a FRIEND.


  • First contact
  • Further communication
  • Help with finding an accommodation
  • Pick-up at the airport
  • Participation in events
  • Voluntary help for ISM International Office


  • New experience
  • Broader thinking
  • International Friends
  • Improved foreign language
  • Tons of activities
  • +0.5 points to the average grade when applying for Erasmus+

Tip: take a friend with you onto this adventure, as it's the TWO of you who'll get quite a few International students to become friends with.

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