On an early Saturday morning 41 ISM International students left Vilnius to go for a two day trip to Lithuania’s seaside. They started sightseeing in Juodkrante and went up to the Hill of Witches, which has more than 80 different wooden sculptures. After a nice lunch International students went on exploring the city of Nida. They went to the Pardinis dune were you can see a 360 degree view of the Curonian Lagoon, the city of Nida and most importantly the Baltic sea. As most Lithuanians are used to the cold water of the Baltic sea, unfortunately no exchange student was brave enough to swim in it. After a long and eventful day, the students took a ferry back to Klaipeda where they settled in a hostel.
On a Sunday morning everyone chatted about the night before, packed all of their things and continued their tour around the city of Klaipeda. The students were lucky enough to have a tour by one of the ISM student that is from Klaipeda and knows all of the interesting sights. After saying their goodbyes to the sea, they got on the “International Bus” and drove to Šiauliai were they visited the Hill of Crosses. They were very surprised that there are so many crosses in one place. After all the sightseeing they headed back to Vilnius. On the bus trip back home they had a competition – name all the places that they visit during the last two days. Of course, the ones that knew the most answers got prizes. 
Over all the students really enjoyed the trip to Lithuania’s seaside and wish to go back any time soon. Maybe then they will be brave enough and experience the “warm” water of the Baltic sea.
We are thankful to ESN ISM members and ISM Student Association International Relation committee for organizing this trip.