International relations committee had organized an event called “Pub tour” for all of the students from abroad. The event happened on 10th of October and started ant ISM University’s lobby. Although we received only a little bit more than 10 participants at the beginning, it was enough to form teams and start our competition. Teams had to complete tasks by visiting the most different bars and pubs or collect as many points as they can by completing tasks. Every team had 3 hours to complete the tasks and come back to meeting point. Nevertheless in the beginning there were only 10 participants but during the event teams grew, as new international students joined other participants. Even international students from other universities came. In fact, the tasks were left behind and the new aim appeared – to visit as many pubs as possible. After 3 hours of exploring Vilnius city all of the students have safely returned to the meeting point. Joy and happiness in their faces showed, that the event was successful. We hope that more international students will join us next time.