On the 13th of December, ISM exchange students met up one last time for the “Leaving Party”. Contrary to what you might think, there were no frowns or tears. The night was filled with smiles, laughter and happy memories about the students’ time in Lithuania.

It all took place in a local cocktail bar “Berlin” which welcomed exchange students not only from Vilnius, but from the Kaunas campus as well. Many students joined in one last time to share their favorite moments with their newly-found friends and colleagues. Everyone was full of energy and excited about the evening and we’re sure that they weren’t disappointed!

Once everyone was done reminiscing and talking about their final exams, the official ceremony began. Each exchange student was awarded with a special “passport” to always remind them of their Lithuanian experience. A group picture of all autumn semester exchange students was also included in the gift pack! After the ceremony, students signed each other’s passports, wrote down their most memorable adventures, wishes for the future and contacts for keeping in touch. After all, to some they will be the friends for a lifetime!

Once the sentimental part was over, it was time to live up to the name of the event and party. There were many fun little competitions to check our students’ strength and teamwork skills. Finally, we united for our final tour of Vilnius nightlife to mark the official end of the exchange.

It was a wonderful night and another memory for the students to bring back home. We had so much fun meeting this year’s exchange students and making sure their time here was well spent. We hope they will always remember ISM and Lithuania as a place for great company, beautiful surroundings and of course, their favorite memories!

Photos from the event - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.592149284213298.1073741826.249...