On the 9th of March, ESN ISM has finally held its very first SocialErasmus event. United with exchange students, ISM staff, UAB Indritus and Food Bank, we made one beautiful idea come true - to share the goodwill with families in need of a better meal. In just one hour, 8 countries from all over the world have gathered 120 Euros by catching the passengers with countless tempting tastes of traditional food. The lunch break went so well, that a nap right after in University's Lounge room felt just right smile emoticon

We'd like to say a sincere Thank You to the ones who took part in 'Be My Guest'. To our beloved exchange students, bringing surprising tastes into our lives. To ISM staff, always being there for us when the idea appears in our heads.To UAB Indritus, for making sure there were enough plastic plates, forks, spoons and tissues on every table. And to Food Bank, for giving us the chance to reach the ones who we could make happier smile emoticon

The Goodwill has been spread!