President: Greta Skridailaitė - our bright and shiny president is always in the "action". She loves to be international so much that she dedicates her whole time to ESN and being with foreigners. She doesn't know what is sleep. Always charming, smiling and having optimistic attidute towards everything, she brings all this to ESN ISM. Also she knows how to draw black, cute cats.

 Vice-President: Gor Zhamharyan - just Gor.

 Leisure Coordinator: Indrė Varnaitė - full of creative ideas, our Leisure Coordinator Indrė will make sure that the leisure with us would be always amazing. Cool things always come out of her mind and her ideas are, wait for it, LEGENDARY! 

 PR Coordinator: Daina Petrauskaitė - most posters that you see, comes from her. PR is strong with her and going to be even stronger!

 Multilingual Lithuania Coordinator: Dovilė Daukšaitė - Feeling like a Multilingual question's about to pop up in your head? Well, we've got that Special One who's gonna be there to help! Ask her everything about Multilingual and she will answer it.

 Erasmus In Schools Coordinator: Greta Jurgaitytė - We have on more Greta on board, but this time Greta is Erasmus in Schools Coordinator. Feeling like you want to tell something about your own country and experience to our pupils, contact her!

 HR Coordinator: Šarūnas Matulevičius - this one is tough... He recruits new members, makes awesome teambuildings, has a lot of inside fun and - most important - makes us happy! Šarūnas is our HR Coordinator, a position, where you cannot be relaxed always!